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With the Audio Black Box and the corresponding GyrFalcon Audio Evaluation Board you will discover a range of audiophile grade Digital to Analog Converter modules which have been specifically designed for the most demanding CD and SACD applications.

The new VFD15/CD-Pro2LF Display Board has been designed for mass production of high-end CD players. It includes a complete user interface to drive the well-known CD-Pro2LF module.

The VFD Evaluation Board has been specifically designed to test our range of VFD Display Kits together with our DSA-based modules. This evaluation tool is basically a plug-and-play platform including all components of the Display Kits, so that you can start your evaluation in no time!

DAISy is glad to present its range of GyrFalcon Metal Loaders with a new die cast tray . Fully composed of metal, this die cast tray is a 6 mm drawer which ensures a smooth and quiet tray movement suitable for high-end applications.

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