Extremely Cool Tattoos to Spice up Your Body

Once upon a time, tattoos were something that only young people or inmates got. However, a lot has changed since those days. People are definitely more open to things these days and people of all walks of life are getting cool tattoos.


cool-tattoosBut “I want a job!”

It was once tough to get a job if you were covered in ink, but that’s not the case anymore. Some jobs are still funny about things like that – and some jobs, because of the nature of what they are, aren’t the best place to be working when you’re covered in ink. Those being the small exception, you can definitely get by with some pretty pictures on your skin nowadays.

For the longest time, I was one of those people that wasn’t all about tattoos. I’ve never hated tattoos at all, but I just wasn’t very interested in them. When I was younger (I’m not old now, but I’m closer to it than I once was.) a lot of employers seemed to be wary of guys or girls with tattoos, but again, that’s all started to change. Thankfully, the field I work in is much more open to that sort of thing, so I’ve been thinking hard about getting some cool meaningful tattoos of my own.


Some Creative Inspiration

I’m an artist, so I’ve always enjoyed being inspired by others – whether it’s reading a book or watching a film, or looking at art – it’s all inspiring to see other people’s creations. Tattoos are no exception – they’re art as well! That being said, I thought to myself “Hey, let’s check out some cool tattoos!” because just before that I thought “I want a tattoo, but I have NO idea what to get.”

Now then, that being said – I did some digging on the awesome tool we call the Internet – and I found a LOT of amazing tattoos, but I wanted to share a few that I thought were extra special. I’m not saying these are the tattoos that I want, but again, I thought they were great and I wanted to share them with the rest of the world.


90’s (retro?) Tribal Tattoo.

Okay, so tribal tattoos are a bit 90’s aren’t they? It might also automatically make a guy a douche, but hey, I thought this one looked pretty good, so I wanted to share!


A Bird on a chest – I mean nest.

Okay, so I wouldn’t want this tattoo. It’s not because I’m male, it’s just not really my thing – some guys might like it! A lot of girls will probably like it too. Personally, I think it still looks awesome and if I saw a girl with that tattoo, I would – again – think “awesome!”


full-body-tattooFull body and full sleeve awesomeness

This cool tattoo is just – amazing. There’s TONS of colors, and while I don’t think I could sit till for something that would take THIS long to do, I still think it’s amazing to witness. I’d love to see that in real life!


A Boy Drawing Butterflies

So this is another tattoo that I probably wouldn’t opt for personally. But again, this is an amazing little tattoo that I’d love to see in person on someone. Really artistic and clean – and creative!


Abstract Geometric Shapes Sleeve

Okay, so I really have no idea what this is supposed to be – if it’s supposed to be anything at all other than an abstract art piece. I’m loving the geometric shapes though, and honestly, I think I would get something like this – I would at least think about incorporating some of the shapes and such into a piece if I got a sleeve.


Wrapping things up.

Again, these are just a few of the tattoos that I’ve run across on my search for creative perfection – if there even is such a thing. I’ve run across a LOT of cool meaningful tattoos, but I only wanted to share a few for now, because well – you would get bored after a while. And again, I probably wouldn’t personally get a few of these, but it’s always fun to see them.

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