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New high-end standard
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VAU1254/31 - Datasheet (729k)
Specifications of the VAU1254/31 - CD player unit for professional audio application

VAU1254/31LF - Mechanical drawing (766k)
Mechanical drawing of the CD-Pro2LF

VAM1254/21 - Datasheet (763k)
Specifications of the VAM1254/21 - CD mechanism for CD-Pro2LF

Premium 10502 - User manual (970k)
User manual of the Premium 10502 application

Premium 10502 - Cable's specifications (152k)
Cable hardware overview for the CD-Pro2LF module

VAU1254/31LF - Application note VAU12540601 (47k)
How to optimize the performances of a CD application based on the CD-Pro2LF module (VAU1254/31LF). This application note should be read before starting a new design based on the CD-Pro2LF module !

Premium 10501 - DSA specifications (99k)
Specifications of the DSA interface bus protocol for CD-Pro 2LF

Premium 10501 - DSA application notes (35k)
Information concerning development of DSA software

SAA7324 M2 (CD10) - Datasheet (305k)
Specifications of the servo-decoder SAA7324 M2 (CD10)

AK4384 - Datasheet (242k)
Specifications of the on-board DAC AK4384 (192kHz)

TZA1022 (Triginta) - Datasheet (459k)
Specifications of the preamplifier and laser supply for CD/CD-RW read-only optical systems (Triginta)

TDA7073A - Datasheet (88k)
Specifications of the dual power driver TDA7073A

GH6C005B3BA - Datasheet (74k)
Specifications of the hologram laser for CD-player GH6005B3BA



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CD, DVD, SACD : DAISy and Philips technology
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