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New high-end standard
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From CDM12 Industrial to CD-Pro2LF ...
The CDM12 Industrial was actually the first generation of professional modules to include a heavy die-cast metal frame. It rapidly met a big success in the audio/video industry, which was also the case for its successors : the CD-Pro, the CD-Pro2, the Cd-Pro2M and now the CD-Pro2LF module. More... 

CD-Pro2LF at a glance
The CD-Pro2LF module has been mechanically and electronically upgraded, but remains fully compatible with the CD-Pro2M and other predecessors. And there is nothing like a diagram to show all the features which make the CD-Pro2LF so interesting. Show ...

VAM1254/21 : mechanism of the CD-Pro2LF module
The mechanism is the architecture of a module : it particularly includes the Optical Pick-up Unit (OPU) and the disc motor. Since the OPU takes care of the laser control, the mechanism is the first key to the path of absolute data retrieving. More ...

CD-ReWritable compatibility
The CD-Pro2LF module can read Audio CDs (CD-DA), CD-Recordable discs (CD-R), but also CD-Rewritable discs (CD-RW). CD-Rewritable technology is indeed more and more popular and today's CD applications have to follow the trend and should be able to play back CD-RW discs. More...

DSA communication interface
The DSA interface has guaranteed compatibility between CD modules for many years. Thanks to this standard protocol, the same user interface can be used for any DSA application. More...

Improvement of the DSA communication interface
The DSA interface of the CD-Pro2LF is of course fully compatible with previous versions. However, its functionality has been improved with regard to the CD-Pro module in order to provide more customization possibilities. More...

Getting the best audio performance with the internal DAC
The CD-Pro2LF includes a high-quality 24-bit 192kHz D/A Converter, the AK4384, which can provide very high performances in sound quality. Some tips to get the best sound out of it. More...

Magnetic clamper recommendations
A magnetic clamper has to be used in order to keep the disc in position. You can use the existing clamper which has been designed for optimal performances. But you can also decide to make your own clamper which would match the line of your products. More...

RoHS compliance
The CD-Pro2LF module complies with the RoHS directive concerning the restriction of hazardous substances in electronic products, also known as "Lead Free" directive. More ...

CD-Pro2LF for jukebox machines
Jukebox companies often use a special hub with their modules in order to facilitate the placement of discs on the mechanism. DAISy now provides a turret which can be easily added to the standard hub of the CD-Pro2LF. The modified module can then be used in most of the Jukebox machines. More...


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