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 GyrFalcon 8

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GyrFalcon 8

 The new reference
 for CD applications

If you want to reach outstanding performances for CD applications, the GyrFalcon 8 is definitely the most appropriate module you can get. In addition of its excellent playability and high reliability, the GyrFalcon 8 is an audio-dedicated module which has been especially designed from medium to large production due to its attractive price.

Like the other audio modules supplied by DAISy, the communication protocol is based on the well known DSA interface, which allows audio-video manufacturers to gain some precious time in the development of their projects. The DSA protocol is a communication process used between the servo/decoding section and the user interface section of a CD player. It means that you can easily connect the GyrFalcon 8 to any of your displays/user sections or use one of our display kits.

Like all our products, this module has been meticulously tested by our Test and Quality department to avoid any noise or any reliability troubles.

The GyrFalcon 8 is also available in a Cost Efficient Package (C.E.P.) including a low-cost VFD display kit in order to minimize your production costs. Please contact us for more information about the C.E.P.

Optional possibilities : GyrFalcon Full and Slim Metal Loaders

DAISy offers an exceptional range of metal loaders with the GyrFalcon Slim Metal Loader and the GyrFalcon Full Metal Loader which can both be combined with the GyrFalcon 8 in order to build high-end CD players.

Optional possibilities : GyrFalcon Slot

To complete our range of various loading mechanisms, we also propose the GyrFalcon Slot, a high-end slot loading mechanism which is also suitable for the GyrFalcon 8.

Extra-slim loader
Excellent reliability
Low mechanical noise
DSA Interface (High Level protocol)
Extremely good playability and disc acceptance
Compatibility with protected discs
IS and SPDIF signals available
Fast average access time
Can read CD-DA (Red Book IEC 908), CD-R, and CD-RW discs
Can read finalized and non-finalized audio CD-R and CD-RW discs
MP3 playback
Excellent ratio quality/price
RoHS compliant
Supporting size discs 80/120 mm
Prepared for a variety of approbation/safety standard
Open/close tests: no fatal problems after 30.000 cycles
Fully controllable via remote control (RC5)
Wide operating temperature range

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