Steps To Boosting Male Fertility

The average male’s sperm count today is significantly lower than that of his grandfathers and generations before. There are several reasons why this is the case, the majority of which have to do with our modern routines and lifestyle choices. Fortunately, boosting your fertility really isn’t any more difficult than simply making a few changes in lifestyle, so that you live a healthier life. Here are proven steps recommended by experts to boost fertility by increasing sperm count.

masturbationDaily Masturbation To Boost Fertility

It may be embarrassing to talk about, but all guys do it. In fact, it is just a natural routine for us that has evolved in our species over hundreds of thousands of years. Men who go several days between ejaculations have been shown to have a considerably lower quality of sperm compared to guys who ejaculate daily.

Researchers have shown that daily masturbation can improve sperm quality by as much as 20%.

Consider Lemon Juice

The food we choose to consume can have dramatic effects on the hormonal balances of our bodies. In the case of lemon juice, drinking a half cup each day has been shown to help the liver remove the hormone oestrogen from our bodies, which can greatly boost our fertility.

Experts say that it is preferable to consume the juice on an empty stomach.

The Power of Eggs

Eggs received a bad wrap during the 1980s, when health campaigns were waged to get men to eat less of them, in hope that it would prevent heart disease.

Fast forward ahead a couple of decades and now scientists are saying they were all wrong, that eggs are in fact one of the most nutritious, healthy foods there is when consumed in moderation. For men, eggs have a host of amino acids and nutrients, all of which have been shown in studies to increase the production of sperm.

Soft boiled eggs are considered the best to eat, while fried ones are the worst.

CoEnzyme Q10

This vitamin-like substance is required for the majority of cells in our bodies to remain healthy. In particular, some researchers believe it is used to provide energy to the mitochondria which reside inside the cells. For men, taking one CoEnzyme Q10 supplement each day can have a number of different benefits, including boosting sperm production and improving the quality of the sperm made.

male-fertilityVigorous Workouts

Exercise helps to increase our testosterone levels and also keeps weight at a normal, healthy level. Both of these have been shown to increase sperm production. High intensity workouts, in particular, have also been shown to increase sex drive and decrease sexual dysfunction in certain men.

Avoid Things Known To Lower Sperm Production

A number of different things have been shown to lower sperm production when men are exposed to them for long periods of time and include:

  • Chemical Cleaners. Contain free radicals which can sometimes mimic hormones in our bodies when absorbed through the skin.
  • Avoid extremely hot baths as well as tight jeans, which can produce substantial amounts of heat that damage sperm in the testes.
  • Cigarette Smoke. Smoking cigarettes have been scientifically proven to decrease sperm production.


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