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 Why a DSA protocol ?

DSA communication protocol


The DSA protocol is a communication process used between the servo/decoding section and the user interface section of a CD player. It allows a manufacturer to develop his own user software in order to have a specific user interface, which would include, for instance, the same display type as used within the other products of a same range. However, standard display kit (including user software) are available for companies which do not want to be involved at all in software development.

Another advantage of the DSA interface is compatibility : two CD players which include different DSA based modules can use the same user section, since the interface is similar. This gives the possibility to propose products in different ranges, with the same user interface but with different CD mechanisms. It also facilitates upgrades of products with new CD mechanisms.

Indeed, the DSA interface has been present in many CD applications for several years now. And up coming applications will be also based on the same DSA interface in order to allow a smooth evolution in product's design
Functional diagram

The DSA-interface is an interface used for communication between two processors. One is called the servo processor or DSA processor, and the other the user processor.
The servo processor in the CD-module controls all servo activities, like disc spinning, audio data retrieving, error correction, subcode decoding, etc.
The user processor controls the servo processor via the DSA-interface, thanks to high-level commands like 'play track nxx', 'read TOC', 'open tray', etc.

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