What Is An FDA Approved Penis Extender?

Penis extenders are popular male enhancement products that are used to treat curvature of the penis as well as to increase the size of the member over time. In order to accomplish this, the penis is inserted through a number of different straps and then tension is applied to it, helping to straighten and lengthen it when used as directed. Many companies today tout that their extenders are FDA approved, which helps to give consumers who may otherwise be worried about the safety of the product a little peace of mind.

penis-extenderWhat exactly, however, does it mean when one of these extenders featured by http://www.bestpenisextenders.org have been approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration?

Using A Penis Extender Approved For Treatment of Peyronie’s Disease

There simply doesn’t exist an extender that is FDA approved for the purpose of penis enlargement. A company that states anything to the contrary should simply be avoided. The FDA approval that many of these companies boast about has to do with a couple of different things.

First, if the extender being advertised is used to treat Peyronie’s Disease, which is the medical term used to describe a disease that causes curvature of the penis, then it is subject to FDA approval as a medical device. In fact, companies who advertise that their products can treat this disease without first getting approval Peyronies-Disease-treatmentfrom the FDA have been raided by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies in the recent past.

Secondly, in order to gain approval from the agency, the companies must show that their extenders are being manufactured using the current best practices established by both the federal government and industry regulatory bodies. So by purchasing such a device, one can rest assured that they’re getting a medical quality product that has been scrutinized for safety and effectiveness by the government.

So What About Penis Enlargement?

Well, the good news is that one doesn’t need a prescription from a doctor to purchase a penis extender online.

penis-enlargementSo while they may not be approved for penis enlargement, they can still be used for such a purpose, if the customers chooses to do so. Many people believe the extenders work to enlarge the member by doing the following:

  • Increasing blood flow. An increase in the flow of blood to the shaft and tip of the penis helps men to achieve harder erections, which often give the perception of having a larger penis.
  • Stretching of Tissue. The tissues of the penis are stretched when the extender is used over time, increasing the size as the gains in length slowly become permanent.

While there may never been an FDA approved device for penis enlargement, that doesn’t mean that a host of products aren’t currently available which many men feel help them to achieve amazing results, including those penis extenders already approved for the treatment of Peyronie’s Disease.

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